Tips for working from home

5 Tips for Working from Home


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For some people, working from home is the perfect solution to combine work with everyday life, while others find the isolation annoying and need the atmosphere of an office. Here we show you how to set up your study or office at home to suit your personal preferences.
  1. A tidy work station
  2. Before you can work productively at all, your desk needs to be tidy. That way you won’t get distracted and you have all the things you need at hand. A monitor stand is perfect for this, as it not only has practical drawers, but also a compartment for the keyboard and mouse. So, when you're done working, everything can simply be pushed together and you have a clear desk again for other activities.
  3. Your health is important
  4. With all this work, you can’t forget about your health. To make sure your posture is correct while sitting, we recommend a balance cushion, which you can simply use on your existing desk chair. Your back will thank you! You can also get great gadgets for your hands, which are always on the move due to the keyboard and mouse. Finger trainers are available in different degrees of hardness and can help you strengthen your fingers and joints.
  1. Work comfortably from the sofa
  2. Sometimes you don't want to leave your cosy sofa, but there's a solution for that too. Laptop cushions can be placed comfortably on your lap and yet the laptop remains on a level surface. This is especially important so that the device can ventilate properly and not overheat. However, laptop cushions are not only useful for work, but are also practical for putting down drinks or a book that you want to have at hand on the sofa.
  3. A smart work space
  4. Upgrade your workplace! Height-adjustable table frames can be combined with all kinds of worktops to turn your work area into an adjustable table. This model even has a reminder function that alerts you when you've been sitting for too long. To keep your mobile phone, tablet and other electronic devices ready for use, a charging station is ideal. You have all the cables in one place and no longer have to fight your way through the tangle of cables.
  5. Take a break
  6. You shouldn’t forget to have a break every so often – that’s also an important part of working. To work off some stress grab a cute stress ball. They are filled with sand and can be squeezed as much as you want. When things get too much, sometimes the only thing that can help is a nap. The cool cushion that looks like a document folder means you can snooze without calling attention to yourself
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The best gadgets for working from home

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