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Time in nature is always a special experience. Nothing like the good summer weather that draws people outside. We have put together a few great ideas for you on how to make the most of your outdoor excursions. Are you more of a hiker or do you prefer cycling? Do you like mountainous or flat landscapes? There is something for everyone and you don't even have to travel far.

Hiking - A trip on foot is always a rewarding one

There are countless routes for walking and hiking. Many websites and apps help you to quickly put together a suitable route that is not too long or too short. Good shoes are a must! If it's mountainous, you should even wear high walking shoes to protect your joints as much as possible. Small tours of 10 to 15 km do not require heavy equipment. However, if your day tour exceeds 20 km and you are really on the move for many hours, you should check exactly what is needed. For trekking, you will need a large backpack with a capacity of 50 to 90 litres, a tent and sleeping facilities such as a sleeping bag and mat. Sufficient liquid is very important.

Many hiking trails have very long intervals between the next hut stops to replenish provisions. Do you plan to stop for refreshments during the trip? Take enough food with you or plan a stop at an inn or hut at the right time of day. Remember to be prepared for changes in the weather and put on plenty of sunscreen on sunny days. If you like forests, remember to bring insect repellent, especially for the evening. If you have planned a walk around a lake, take the right equipment to lie down on the beach or go swimming. With our picnic blanket and beach mat, you are all set for a small picnic and cooling off in between. When it comes to snacks, remember to avoid chocolate or fruit if it can't be refrigerated. Dried fruit and vegetables, sandwiches or biscuits, on the other hand, are very good for on the go.

Our favourite items for an outdoorsy getaway:

Bicycle - Discover the region on a bike

If you like to ride in flat landscapes or cycle through forests, you can do this with a regular bike. If you like it more adventurous, you should get on the saddle of a mountain bike or use an e-bike. This way you are well equipped for tours through the mountains, stony paths or steeper slopes. Always wear a helmet for your own safety. You should plan your route in advance and make sure that all paths are suitable for bicycles. You can use a mobile phone app for this and simply place your smartphone on the handlebars with our mobile phone case and activate navigation. Check the weather forecasts and always be prepared for rainy weather. If the outlook is grey, make sure you have rain gear with you. Riding in forests in wet weather makes for a lot of mud and dirt. You will need a rucksack with provisions and, if possible, a bike basket or rack on your bike to avoid wasting space for jackets in your rucksack. It is always helpful to have a repair kit and an air pump for your bike, especially if you are travelling off the beaten track. Check the air again before setting off. A breakdown in the middle of the forest, kilometres from the nearest town, can be very annoying. If the weather is particularly warm, carry enough liquids with you and apply sunscreen well beforehand. Because even at slightly brisk temperatures and in the cool wind, you can quickly get sunburnt.

Everything for the bike:

Camping - One with nature

For all camping fans, we have a collection of items that are perfect for your next trip. Whether by car or on foot - even for a short weekend getaway, camping in nature is a classic. Make sure you don't forget any important utensils and pack them in a space-saving way. Again, you should know the destination and plan well to make sure what utilities are available at the campsite. With our camping chairs, water canisters and coolers, you can sit relaxed by the tent and enjoy a cool drink. Camping is a great opportunity to get away from it all. Be mindful not to make your schedule too strict. When camping, be prepared for emergencies and it’s better to carry a little too much sunscreen and bug spray rather than too little. Bringing a few things from your medicine cabinet can't hurt either. At the campsites, you can equip yourself with many utensils that you need, but for the road, you should only have the essentials with you. Torches, candles and small pocket knives are always good companions for a camping trip.

For your camping trip:

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