Ideas for your summer party

Sommerparty Tipps
Sommerparty Tipps
Sommerparty Tipps

That’s how you plan a great summer party


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Summer is the best time for parties.Whether it's holiday time or after work - there should always be some time left over for a get-together with friends or family. Find out here how to plan your summer party and what you should bear in mind.

That’s how you plan a great summer party

In summer, a party ideally should take place outdoors - so if you have a garden or a terrace, that is perfect. But if not, you can also meet in parks or at lakes in summer. Just make sure that barbecues are allowed in these places. Think about how many people are planned for the party and how much space you have so that it won't be crowded if a few more people suddenly drop in. How many tables and chairs are needed? Ideally, you can borrow a few beer benches from friends or acquaintances, or lay out blankets on the lawn for a picnic. If you have a pool available, make sure there are enough towels, the pool is cleaned and guests are informed to bring their own swimwear.

Alcohol or not - at a party in summer, the drinks should be nice and chilled. There are many recipes for punch and cocktails. If in doubt, just throw fruit, ice cubes and lemonade or sparkling wine together and the result won't disappoint. Get enough glasses and containers to keep the drinks cool. A drink dispenser is super handy. You can also decorate the glasses with berries, fruit skewers or straws.

For warm summer days, light food such as summer rolls or finger food is suitable. Grilled food should not be missing if you have a big party. There is something for all tastes when it comes to grilling. If you don't fancy meat, you can satisfy your hunger with grilled cheese, vegetable skewers, salad and baguette. Ice cream or sorbet are great desserts in summer. If you don't have refrigeration, a light cake is always a perfect sweet accompaniment. If you organise your party so that everyone contributes a little something, make a list and make sure that you're not left with too much or too little food.

Entertainment, Music, Games
The right music sets the tone. It's best to put together a playlist of the best party songs before the party. You can also use ready-made playlists from streaming providers. It is important that you have the right equipment to play the music at the best volume. If you don't have a jukebox, ask around among your friends. Is a theme party planned? Then the music can be chosen accordingly, e.g. 80s, tropical sounds or Ballermann music. No party should be without games. Very simple games like UNO, poker or Jenga create a lot of fun. But those who prefer activity and have enough space can also play games like badminton and Frisbee.

Decoration and Lights
If it is getting late, think about sufficient lighting so that the guests are not left in the dark. Candles in a glass are suitable for the tables. Fairy lights are perfect for fences or around the edges of umbrellas. Lanterns, glow sticks or fire bowls provide that little bit extra. You can also use garlands, balloons and the like. You should make sure that your party is as environmentally friendly as possible and that you use reusable decorations instead of waste. For theme parties, you can use additional elements such as costumes or crazy hats, etc.

Preparation is everything
Get all food and drinks in time and prepare all dishes the day before, if possible. Cleaning up and decorating can also be done the day before. This will reduce stress and tension on the day of the party. The outfit should also be checked once again. What happens if the forecast promises rain? Don't be put off, a short shower is no reason to end the party. Make sure that important things like food, drinks and technology are protected from the rain. If you have the option to include a roofing, such as shade sails, then use it. It will also protect you from too much sun during the day.

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