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Whether you need them for a camping trip or to transport heavy shopping: Hand trucks are always a good idea. The multifunctional trolleys make your everyday life easier and are perfect for use in every situation. Pack your belongings and get ready for relaxed day trips. Find out more about our range now and equip yourself with Relaxdays hand trucks!

Our 3 top handcart models

When it comes to trolleys, not all trolleys are the same. There are different variants and models, each of which is suitable for different purposes. We have compiled the features and advantages of our three handcart models for you:

  • The reliable one: A model that simply always goes. The practical steel trolley can be easily loaded thanks to its folding side parts and can carry goods weighing up to 150 kilograms. Thanks to the treaded tyres, it also travels particularly safely and smoothly on uneven terrain.
  • The strong one: With this muscleman you can transport even the heaviest shopping, waste or other goods. The handcart with extra-high frame has a load capacity of up to 500 kilograms and thanks to the folding side walls, loading is child's play. The integrated tarpaulin ensures that nothing goes astray and can be removed if necessary. With rubber tyres and a steel frame, this hand truck will never let you down.
  • The compact one: Our handcart for on the go is a real space-saver, as it is foldable and can be optimally stored in the included transport bag. Just pop it in the boot and you can enjoy the comfort of a trolley even during an excursion. In addition, the small trolley is extremely manoeuvrable and flexible because its rear wheels can be turned 360°. You can load it with goods weighing up to 80 kilograms.

6 ways to use your trolley

As different as the models of our hand trucks are, so are their uses. Still not convinced that a handcart can make your life easier? No problem! Therefore we have collected some ideas on how and for what you can use a handcart:

  • Transporting shopping: If you want to save your back when transporting heavy water boxes from the car to the house, a handcart is perfect. It can also be used to transport other or, above all, larger purchases with ease.
  • Useful buggy substitute: On the way to nursery school or on long day trips where the children's short legs quickly get tired, you can fall back on a handcart. Put your little ones in it and pull them to their desired destination. It's a relief for parents and a fun experience for children. However, remember not to take children who are too small around in the handcart, as they should definitely be able to sit independently beforehand.
  • Festival companion: Especially at busy festivals, you often have to cover quite long distances. With a cool handcart, you can easily transport your drinks and festival equipment from A to B.
  • Bag substitute for excursions: Sunny days during the holidays or at the weekend encourage you to head out into the countryside with friends and family. But parents in particular know that day trips often require a certain amount of equipment. With the help of a foldable trolley, you can do without a handbag or backpack and easily take picnic blankets, water bottles, toys, towels or a change of clothes with you.
  • Gardening helpers: flowers to be replanted, heavy bags of soil or garden waste can also be carried on a handcart, especially on our XL model, which has a tarpaulin to protect against spills. You can also stow and transport your gardening accessories, such as gardening tools or scissors, on your handcart.
  • Food delivery: Snacks, treats as well as crockery and cutlery for a barbecue, a party or on the road can also be brought to the place of action with one of the practical Relaxdays hand trolleys.

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