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Relaxdays bags for every transport - What you should look out for

Who hasn't experienced it? Once again, you didn't have a bag with you when you went shopping, or you have to struggle with various plastic bags. With the right transport aids, however, every nerve-racking errand becomes a pleasure. Depending on what you want to transport and whether you are travelling on foot or by car, you will of course need different solutions for your shopping. What suits you better? Bag, trolley, shopping trolley or a shopping basket? When making your choice, you should take into account the strength and the capacity of the respective bag. Our shopping trolleys are available in 25 and 28 litre capacities, while the practical foldable trolley can carry up to 35kg. The trolleys are therefore suitable for rather substantial purchases. For everything that goes beyond that, we also offer a functional trolley that you can even load with goods weighing a maximum of 80kg. Therefore, it is not only suitable for shopping, but also for camping trips with the family or days at the beach, especially since its rear wheels can be turned 360°, making it a flexible means of transport. For smaller everyday errands, our foldable shopping basket is ideal. It has a capacity of 25 litres and can carry up to 20kg. It is also available with a cooling function.

Transport your shopping and belongings safely and reliably

In addition to shopping, you can also transport many other things, such as equipment for a day trip, toys, mobile phones, wallets and everything else you need. But even then you sometimes need special transport solutions. An Ocean Pack, for example, is ideal for protecting your belongings on outdoor adventures, because the waterproof Dry Bag not only protects you from moisture, but also from dust and dirt.
Our strong companions for small and large errands are also available in practical sets. Equip yourself with enough fabric or gym bags to have the right bag for every occasion, which can be conveniently stowed anywhere when not in use. But our larger transport aids are also extremely flexible in this respect, because both the shopping baskets and trolleys can either be folded. This means they don't take up too much space either in the trunk or in the hallway.
Equip yourself now with Relaxdays bags, baskets or trolleys and do all your transports safely and comfortably!

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