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Summer is here and we're getting back on the bike! For some, cycling is a beloved hobby, for others it's the perfect way to get to work, and still others only get their bike out a few times a year. But we think this summer is perfect for your next bike ride - no matter how often you usually get on your bike. Cycling is healthy, a great way to exercise and have fun. Once you have developed the excitement for your next bike ride, or want to make your daily commute more comfortable, you will of course need the right equipment. We have compiled our top cycling gadgets for you, which should not be missing on future bike tours.

Bicycle must-haves when on the go

  1. Gel cover saddle: For sitting comfortably, it is always an advantage to have a gel cover on the bicycle seat. Especially at the beginning of the season or for long distances, such a cover can really make your trip easier. Even if you just haven't used your bike for a while, it's worth getting a gel cover to get you used to spend longer periods of time on the saddle.

  2. Foot pump: A good ride always depends on well-inflated tyres. But not every bicycle is the same. If you have a foot pump with different valves, however, filling up your tyres not only becomes an easy task, but is also possible on a wide variety of bicycles. In addition, our pump also has a pressure gauge to be able to check the air pressure.

  3. Bicycle basket: The Classic: If you want to take food with you on your bike tour, pick flowers or mushrooms on the way, you will of course need some storage space. A bicycle basket not only offers the necessary space, but is also quickly attached.

  4. Dog leash: Every pet lover knows this feeling. You want to take your dog for a bike ride, but it's difficult to pedal and hang on to the leash at the same time. However, if you simply attach it to your bicycle, you run the risk of not giving the dog enough room to run and putting him at risk of injury. A bicycle leash with a separator not only ensures the perfect distance between the dog and the bike, but also guarantees the ideal height so that your dog is not uncomfortably pulled along by the harness.

  5. Multitool: If you are on a day trip by bike and are especially far away from home, it can be a nervous ordeal if something breaks on your bike. Spontaneous repairs are child's play with our bicycle multitool, which thanks to its versatile functions offers the optimal solution for every little problem.

Our tools for your bike

Proper storage - Our bicycle helpers

  1. Bicycle garage: If you only have the option of permanently storing your bike outside - for example in the courtyard of your home or at work - it is super annoying if it regularly gets soaked by the rain. You can avoid this problem with a bicycle garage. Depending on the model, there is room for up to three bikes, which is why the mobile garage is also perfect for couples, roommates or families.

  2. Bike repair stand: Do you often carry out minor repairs on your bike yourself? Then you definitely need a repair stand. Doing minor touch-ups from home can be easy with it.

  3. Indoor bike trainer: Bad weather, but still feel like cycling? Why not try out our indoor bicycle trainer? This practical piece of sports equipment allows you to cycle indoors, so to speak. So even in the rain or snow, pursue your favourite hobby and get your sweat on.

  4. Bicycle ceiling mount: A ceiling mount bicycle lift is the space saver par excellence. Mount it on the ceiling of your basement, garage or even inside your living room and easily store your bike on the ceiling. Especially if you urgently need to save storage space, this is the perfect alternative!

  5. Bike Stand: Whether it's bicycle racks that are drilled into the wall of the house or just regular ones to stand on. In the courtyard, hallway or cellar, a bicycle rack is always essential if you regularly travel by bike and your family owns several bikes.

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