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Fun things for your summer party


Interior design and decoration play an important role for Jessica, because only the perfect combination of colour, light and form creates living spaces that make you feel good. Inspired by a love of nature, plenty of green plants have to be present. If Jessica had her way, then every room would be its own “pretty green” oasis, so you can just take a deep breath and relax.

Summertime is party time?! Obviously, the warm season is best suited for outdoor parties. The cocktails are ready, the barbecue is on and the pool is already at the perfect water temperature. Now all you need are friends and family to turn the summer day into a cool summer party. I've put together a few great ideas for your next summer party. Cool drinks are a must for the perfect refreshment. Whether iced tea, punch, cocktails or lemonade. To serve, simply arrange a few stylish glasses with some fruit, fill them with reusable ice cubes and use environmentally friendly reusable straws and you're ready to go. Drink dispensers are also perfect for keeping large quantities of punch or juice cool and allowing guests to grab a refill. Beer fans can tap their own fresh beer with a beer column. For the perfect party feeling, you should make sure you have suitable decorations. Party hats, horns or confetti cannons can be used. If you like a lot of glitter, you can use metallic curtains as room dividers or sparkling fairy lights. Theme parties also go down particularly well. Whether it's costumes from films, the 80s, childhood heroes or parties around a country or tradition - the freedom is limitless.

For your party equipment:

Party games and fun

A party also needs good entertainment. What could be better than fun games that can be played outside? Everyone knows Mikado, but have you ever tried giant Mikado, trying to pick up the wooden sticks without wobbling? Or Kubb - the fun Viking game from the north, where two teams play against each other and try to knock over the throwing sticks of the opposing team. It's all about skill and teamwork. The piñata is a fun Mexican game. The colourful figures with sweet fillings are great fun not only for children. Originally, the piñata was used for festivities such as Christmas or Easter, the piñata is party fun for everyone all year around.
Drinking games are a classic at parties. There are countless ways to create drinking games. Beer pong is a classic. With our set of 50 cups and balls, every party can be transformed into a small team event. All you need is a table surface to bounce the balls into the cups. Drinking roulette also creates a great party atmosphere. Which colour do you bet on? With each spin, you have the chance to fill the next glass or empty the next shot.

Suitable games for the next summer event:

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