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Hobby accessoires for everybody

Discover a wide range of equipment and helpers for your artistic hobby. At Relaxdays, we are always expanding our range for you to support and promote your passions in the best way possible. Even for beginners, you will find useful tools to start a new hobby. Whether you like handicrafts, painting, playing instruments, sewing, knitting or photography: equip yourself with practical accessories for your hobby.
Did you know that playing musical instruments is one of the few activities where all our brain areas are active? Crafting and painting are also excellent ways to train the brain. Such creative hobbies also improve our concentration, productivity and provide relaxation. Older people can train their memory and children can develop their cognitive and fine motor skills through painting, handicrafts or making music.
So get the whole family involved with the foam, the easel, the knitting needle or the instrument and get creative!

Create DIY gifts or get creative together right away

How about a knitted scarf, self-made decoration or a unique painting from your own brush as a gift idea? It's a great way to show the recipient that they are special to you. Make friends and family happy by creating something completely new for them or getting creative together. Because sewing, knitting, painting or handicrafts are also incredibly fun together and you can be proud of the results. If you still have no ideas, that's no problem either. We have put together some possible DIY projects for you:
Our practical wooden clips can be used in a variety of ways. Why not make a garland with cute little tags and attach them with the help of the clips? You can also hang up homemade Advent calendars or your favourite photo collection with the cute wooden clips in different colours. If you and your friends are fashion enthusiasts and like to sew your own clothes, tailor's dummies or mannequins are part of the basic equipment in your home studio. Work on new fashion collections together or exhibit them. A thoughtful gift idea can also be a self-written song that you can play to your loved ones on the guitar. We can provide you with footstools or guitar stands as active support for this. But also those who like to take pictures will not miss out on Relaxdays hobby accessories. Take great photos of your belongings with our versatile light tents or put decorative elements in the limelight in mini-shootings. You can also create your own murals this way. If you want to sell your DIY products, the light tent is also suitable for shooting product pictures.
Browse through our range of hobby accessories now and equip yourself with the right gear for your creative projects!

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