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Expand your game collection with Relaxdays

Whether on holiday, at Christmas or just in between - when sitting together with family or friends, people like to fall back on traditional games for entertainment. Between ball games, card games and board games, the choice is huge and the repertoire inexhaustible. It can sometimes get loud and boisterous. In competition with each other, inner ambition is awakened. Everyone wants to win and prove themselves against the others. So that it doesn't get boring and everyone can prove their strength, a large collection of different games of all kinds is helpful. At Relaxdays you will find a wide range of various games for the whole family. Discover exciting games of skill such as wobble tower, games of chance such as bingo, outdoor games such as croquet, football or badminton or card games such as Rommee or poker. There is something for every taste, age and number of participants. Browse now!

Fun for children

Games are much more than just an activity for children. They are a simple learning opportunity and promote qualities and skills such as patience, creativity, dexterity, self-confidence and, above all, concentration. Of course, the fun should not be lost, because learning through play is the best and easiest way to learn. To encourage and entertain your little ones, you will find a large selection of different children's games and toys for indoors and outdoors.
The larger and more action-packed games are particularly suitable for outdoors: With city scooters, hobby horses, pedal tractors and bouncy sacks, every garden and every yard comes alive and becomes its own race track. Your little whirlwinds have a wild but harmless chase with fire water pistols and rubber band guns. Decorate the road with chalk and let their imagination run wild. You will also find a large selection of children's games for indoors at Relaxdays: From hand puppets to marble runs or fabric cubes - the right thing for every age and every preference. Browse through the large assortment now.

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