Practical Accessories for Every Car Journey

Working on your car, small transports and trips are part of everyday life for many of us. That's why tools and accessories for cars should all meet demands for safety and comfort. In our range you will find useful aids such as trailer locks or baby mirrors to keep an eye on your little ones in the back seat. Relaxdays canister holders for cars or our tyre wall holders for your garage are also extremely practical. On long car journeys, especially with children, things can go wrong. Our car cleaning cloths and car window cleaners are ideal for these situations. They help you to reliably remove stains and dirt from the interior.
When you get home, your car also needs to be parked safely and securely, which can be a challenge in large cities. Especially in densely populated neighbourhoods, creative solutions are often needed for parking and driveways on one's own property. Our range includes cones, barrier posts and traffic mirrors. In addition, you can also order parking disc sets for excursions or parking at the roadside in our shop.

How to Organise the Interior of Your Car Properly

The interior of your car should also be tidy and clean because a well-maintained interior looks more appealing. Furthermore, you can increase the functionality inside your car with a few tools and gadgets and also make the most of your available storage space. Our rear seat organisers are perfect for easily storing snacks and toys on longer trips. If you want to transport groceries or prepared meals in your car, our transport boxes are ideal for you. The foldable boxes not only ensure that all your goods are safely stored in the boot, but can also be conveniently stowed away when you don't need them. If you need to transport larger goods safely from A to B, for example with a trailer, we recommend using a trailer net or boot net. This way nothing can fall off and always stays in place. You can also ensure cleanliness despite having your pet friend with you with the help of car seat covers.

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