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Once again, Pantone has announced the new trend colour of the year and this year it is "Viva Magenta". The bright reddish pink is inspired by the red of the cochineal, one of nature's most vibrant colours. "Viva Magenta" is meant to be the bridge between our digital world and the idea of going back to nature. This makes sense when you think about the red-pink colour, which expresses harmony and balance. In addition, "Viva Magenta" also stands for strength, courage and gratitude in terms of colour psychology, as well as exuberance and optimism. But also, with regard to the furnishing and clothing trends of 2022, the colour perfectly joins past trendy shades of pink and purple.
Magenta is a colour that can’t be clearly classified as either warm or cold. However, it is definitely fresh and luminous and can contribute to a real change in your interior. Be bold and colourful yet remember your origins and make an effort to get back into harmony with nature. But how exactly can you integrate the cheerful colour into your home? We've put together some clever ideas for tasteful use in your living space, as well as 8 possible combinations with other furnishing colours. Find out now how "Viva Magenta" can enrich your life!

Furnishing with magenta - Where you can use the bright colour

Admittedly, furnishing with magenta can seem a challenge at first glance. The colour makes a powerful impression and can quickly become overwhelming if used too much. Nevertheless, magenta is an excellent eye-catcher and splash of colour for any home. A single wall painted in rich magenta can create a balanced atmosphere with the right design choices. If you prefer something simpler, you can also opt for rugs, textiles and home accessories that radiate enough power for the entire room.
You don't have to buy new furniture (even though Magenta upholstery looks great) to be part of the trend. Just follow Pantone's original idea and strengthen the connection to nature in your home by using magenta. Fill your vases with artificial or fresh flowers that bloom beautifully in red-pink. You can make your home and garden shine with flowers such as peonies, hibiscus, petunias or the classic orchids.
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8 matching tips - This goes with Viva Magenta

  1. White and nudes: The ultimate partners. Especially when you're working with bright colours like magenta, it's a good idea to create a neutral base with the help of white or nude shades. In addition, you create a delicate look when magenta-coloured items set accents, while the overall interior design remains soft and subtle.
  2. Grey and greyish pastels: Like white, grey is a real all-rounder that goes with almost everything. For example, if you have grey walls, blue-grey curtains or grey-green bed linen, they can be perfectly combined with your new magenta pieces.
  3. Natural tones and boho look: Together with natural colours, wooden furniture and light textiles, magenta creates the perfect boho ambience. Again, it's all about nature, and the red-pink splashes of colour remind us of colourful blossoms.
  4. Orange and magenta: A courageous, but nevertheless lively colour combination is magenta with orange. The vibrant colours shine together in unique harmony and make your home super inviting. But here, too, you need to be careful not to overload the room. However, if you have a good base of white walls and textiles, magenta and orange vases, candle holders and cushions are wonderful.
  1. Warm yellow: Another colourful choice with a summery feel is magenta and a warm yellow shade. Restrained, sunny tones in combination with bright red-pink bring a cheerful mood to your home.
  2. Staying in the family: If you are looking for colour balance, violet and blue are the perfect partners for magenta. Blue dressers with red-pink flowers on them or magenta-coloured upholstered furniture in front of pale violet walls bring balance to your four walls and support a sophisticated style.
  3. Bright mix for pattern enthusiasts: Do you like colourful patterns for cushions, paintings or curtains? Then magenta is also the perfect choice for you. Wild patterns featuring reddish pink, orange, yellow, green or blue are excellent additions to a maximalist or retro home.
  4. Create contrasts: Perhaps unexpected, but magenta makes a great team with green. Whether an intense and dark fir green or light tones like mint and sage: green is the perfect partner for our trend colour. You can use green as a wall colour or in the form of other home accessories alongside magenta. Have fun and get creative!

Our favourite pieces to go with magenta:

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