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Picture Frames: Creative Ideas for Unique Wall Décor!


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Picture frames are not just for displaying photos or drawings, but they have a lot more inspiration to offer! Picture frames are like memory capsules, reflecting who we are and adding that final touch to our home's overall look. No matter where you put them – whether it's in the hallway, bedroom, or living room – picture frames have the ability to create a unique atmosphere in any space.

Ready for a little inspiration? We'll show you just how versatile you can get with your creativity, and how you can breathe new life into those old frames of yours. Get ready to discover a world of possibilities and make your picture frames shine in ways you never imagined.

Painting old picture frames

Is your picture frame no longer blending in with your home decor? Here's a fantastic solution: spray-painting! Quickly and easily give your picture frames a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. But before you dive in, make sure to clean and dry the frame thoroughly. Applying a primer can also help the paint adhere better and create a smooth finish.

When it comes to painting, wooden frames are a great choice. Opt for acrylic paints if you want excellent coverage. If you're aiming for a rustic vintage vibe, consider using chalk paint. Once you've painted the frame, be patient and let it dry completely. For added durability, you can seal it with a clear varnish.

Choosing the right paint colour is crucial and depends on several factors. Consider the frame's style, the colours and patterns of the artwork or decoration you plan to display, and even the colour of the wall where the frame will be hung. By selecting the perfect hue, you can achieve a harmonious and cohesive look in your space.

Decorating picture frames

Unleash your creativity with a hot glue gun and a world of possibilities awaits when it comes to picture frames! One popular crafting technique involves transforming frames with fabric. Simply place the frame face down on your chosen fabric and cut generously around it, allowing for overlap on all sides.

There are countless ways to arrange the fabric on the frame, depending on your preferred pattern and technique. You can wrap it horizontally or vertically, create diagonal crosses, or even combine different fabric pieces for a unique design.

For those feeling particularly ambitious, why not take it a step further and build the entire frame from scratch? With a frame clamp and some craftsmanship, you can create a custom photo frame perfectly tailored to your desired size, colour and texture.

To start, gather the four side panels of the frame. These can be crafted from wood or any other sturdy material of your choice. Measure and cut each panel to the desired length, ensuring clean 45-degree angled corners for a polished and professional finish.

Bonus tip: A frame clamp can also come in handy for repairing older wooden frames, breathing new life into cherished pieces.

More than just a picture frame

Old picture frames don't have to gather dust in the basement or end up in the trash. With a little creativity and skill, they can be transformed into useful and decorative items, such as a bulletin board, key holder or jewellery organiser.

To turn a wooden frame into a bulletin board, all you need are a few short nails and yarn. Hammer the nails (thumbtacks work for soft wood) on the backside of the four sides and crisscross the yarn between the nails. In no time, you'll have a modern and trendy picture frame bulletin board.

Deep frames, in particular, are perfect for a DIY key holder. You simply need a few threaded hooks that you screw into the top rail of your frame. When mounted on the wall, you'll have a space-saving and organised key storage solution. The transformed photo frame can also serve as a jewellery holder for necklaces and bracelets. This way, you can not only neatly organise your jewellery but also showcase it as decoration.

Create unique picture frames yourself

Embrace your creativity and personalise your space with an unconventional twist on picture frames. Forget about stashing away travel souvenirs in a drawer or cluttering up surfaces with them. Instead, why not try creating a captivating collage? Stylishly arrange ticket stubs, coins, seashells, and more within a single frame, saving precious space while adding a unique touch to your decor. Protect your treasures from dust by placing them behind glass, ensuring they stay preserved and eye-catching.

Additionally, consider framing dried flowers from a cherished bouquet, adding a sentimental touch to your home. With endless possibilities, these frames become blank canvases for your imagination to run wild, allowing you to showcase your personality and style. Give old objects new life and transform memories into charming decorative elements that bring character to your living space.

Ideas for decorating with picture frames

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