Tips for exercising in the summer heat


Exercising in the heat: 6 healthy exercise tips


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On particularly hot days, it can be a little unpleasant to attempt energy-intensive sports. However, you don't have to give up exercise on warm days to stay fit. One positive aspect is that exercise is more effective in the heat and uses more energy. Read on to find out what you need to bear in mind in order to exercise healthily in hot weather. We have six tips on what you should be aware of when exercising.
  1. Finding the right time
    Generally, you should exercise early in the morning or later in the evening on hot days, when temperatures are still at their lowest or are already cooling down. You should avoid exercising at lunchtime or in the afternoon heat as much as possible. At temperatures over 28 °C, high levels of exposure to direct sunlight can be dangerous. Even though it is very tempting to exercise outside in the cool, humid air after a warm summer rain, humidity levels of 60% and higher can interfere with the body's ability to cool down, as sweat cannot evaporate properly and breathing becomes more difficult. High ozone levels should also be avoided during sports. In case of very high ozone values, postpone the exercise.
  2. Hydrate generously
    Staying hydrated is essential. It’s almost impossible to drink too much water. But especially in the summer and when you exercise a lot, you should try to drink water regularly. When you sweat, you lose not only water but also sodium and electrolytes, which the body needs. For extreme sports or very high fluid loss, a drink with sodium or electrolytes is recommended. Isotonic drinks are widely available for your daily sports routine. You should make sure that your body is sufficiently nourished before you start exercising and not wait until afterwards to recharge your resources.
  3. Proper clothing
    By wearing the right clothes, your body can perform better. Functional clothing cools the body because the sweat is optimally absorbed and evaporates more quickly. If you are wearing short clothes, make sure you use sunscreen. Headgear and sunglasses are recommended for cycling, jogging and other activities in direct sunlight.
  1. Only exercise when you are fit
    In addition to dehydration, stress and lack of sleep can cause problems on warm days, so you should only exercise when you feel well. Cardiovascular problems, dizziness or even hallucinations can become a problem when you are overexerted and should be a signal to take a break immediately. With a warmup and cooldown, you can slowly accustom your body to the impact and put less strain on it than with sudden sprints without warming up.
  2. Choose the right place
    If you like to exercise outdoors and go jogging, for example, you should try to plan your route so that you run through shady areas (e.g., in the woods) and not in the blazing sun on asphalt roads. In the blazing sun, it is possible to suffer from heatstroke or sunstroke. If the humidity outside is excessive, your body can quickly become exhausted. If the focus is on fun and you'd like to play football with some friends or some frisbee or badminton in the park, find some shade and make sure you stay hydrated. If you like to work out in the gym or at home, make sure you have good air conditioning or ventilation.
  3. Listen to your body
    Do you check your heart rate? A heart rate monitor allows you to control your activities and adjust the intensity of the sport. You can exercise without a monitor if you just make sure to take things a little slower than usual and take more breaks.

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