New Years Eve Night Away

New Years Eve Night Away


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As the clock ticks down to midnight, many of us find ourselves searching for the perfect way to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with open arms. This New Year's Eve, why not elevate your celebration by planning a night away that you'll remember for years to come? Spending the night away with friends, family or a partner can be the perfect way to enter the new year surrounded by the people you love. Here are a few of our top tips on how to spend your New Years Eve night away.

  1. Choosing the location
  • Researching popular New Year's Eve destinations: Begin by researching well-known New Year's Eve night away destinations, considering factors like local events, weather, and overall atmosphere. Look for locations that align with your preferences for a lively celebration or a more relaxed setting.
  • Cosy getaway vs. a vibrant city celebration: Decide whether you prefer a cosy, intimate setting or a vibrant city celebration for your night away. Cosy getaways may include mountainside cabins or beachfront cottages, while city celebrations offer lively events, parties and fireworks.
  • Weather and climate considerations for different destinations: Check the weather and climate of potential destinations to ensure it aligns with your preferences. Some may prefer a snowy escape, while others might enjoy a warmer climate for outdoor celebrations.
  • Budget-friendly options for a memorable New Years Eve night away: Explore budget-friendly options without compromising on the experience. Consider off-peak destinations, early booking discounts and package deals to make the most of your budget.

  1. Accommodation options
  • Romantic bed and breakfast: For a romantic New Years Eve night away, consider booking a charming bed and breakfast. These establishments often provide a cosy atmosphere and personalised touches that can enhance the overall experience.
  • Luxury resorts or boutique hotels: If you're looking for a more luxurious experience, explore options like resorts or boutique hotels. These accommodations often offer special packages for New Year's Eve night away celebrations.
  • Vacation rentals: Rental houses & apartments provide a home-away-from-home experience, allowing you to customise your stay. Look for properties with unique features or stunning views to make your New Year's Eve night away memorable.
  • Consider proximity to New Year's Eve events and fireworks: Choose accommodation close to the main New Year's Eve events or fireworks to minimise travel time and maximise your participation in the celebrations.

  1. Planning transportation
  • Booking flights or train tickets in advance: Save money and secure your preferred travel times by booking flights or train tickets in advance. Look for deals and discounts during the holiday season.
  • Rent a car for convenience: Renting a car provides flexibility, especially if you plan to explore the destination beyond the New Year's Eve night away celebrations. Check for parking availability at your accommodation.
  • Public transportation options in the chosen destination: Research public transportation options in your chosen destination. Many cities have efficient public transit systems, making it easy to navigate and participate in local events.
  • Ride-sharing services and taxi availability: Familiarise yourself with these services and in the area. This ensures a safe and convenient way to travel between your accommodation and New Year's Eve events.

  1. NYE events and celebrations
  • Local traditions: Learn about local NYE traditions and customs. Incorporate these into your plans to immerse yourself in the culture and make the most out of your New Years Eve night away.
  • Displays and parades: Look for information on fireworks displays, parades or other major events happening on New Year's Eve. Plan your itinerary to include these highlights.
  • Reserving tickets: If there are special events or parties happening, consider reserving tickets in advance. This ensures you have a spot at popular celebrations and can avoid disappointment.
  • Family-friendly activities: If you're travelling with family, explore family-friendly activities and events. Many destinations offer activities suitable for all ages to enjoy the celebrations together.
  1. Dining options
  • Reservations at popular restaurants: Well-known restaurants often get booked quickly during this time of year. Avoid getting caught out on your New Years Eve night away and make reservations well in advance to secure a spot at your preferred dining establishment.
  • Explore local cuisine: Embrace the local cuisine by exploring restaurants that offer special New Year's Eve menus. This adds a culinary adventure to your celebration.
  • Dietary restrictions and preference: Communicate any dietary restrictions or preferences to the chosen restaurant or catering service in advance to ensure a seamless dining experience on your New Years Eve night away.

  1. Countdown activities
  • Personalised countdown playlist: Craft a playlist that is personal to you for the countdown. Include favourite songs and tracks that hold sentimental value to make your New Years Eve night away even more special.
  • Champagne or toasting ceremony: Plan a champagne or toasting ceremony to mark the stroke of midnight. This adds a touch of elegance to your New Year's Eve night away.
  • Games or activities: Keep the energy high by planning games or activities leading up to the countdown. This can include card games, board games or even outdoor activities if applicable.
  • Capturing the moment: Don't forget to capture the moment! Whether it's a photo or video, documenting the countdown and the excitement of the New Year's Eve night away celebration creates lasting memories.

  1. Reflecting and setting Intentions
  • Creating a New Year's Eve reflection ritual: Take time to reflect on the past year. Create a reflection ritual, such as writing in a journal or sharing thoughts with your travel companions.
  • Set goals and intentions: As you reflect, consider setting goals and intentions for the coming year. This can add a sense of purpose and optimism to your New Year's Eve night away.
  • Meditation or mindfulness practices: Incorporate meditation or mindfulness practices to bring a sense of calm and presence to your New Year's Eve night away. This can be especially beneficial for starting the new year with a clear mindset.

  1. Safety and logistics
  • Stay informed about emergency services and contacts: Familiarise yourself with emergency services and contacts in the area. This ensures you can quickly access assistance if needed.
  • All the essentials: Pack necessities for a comfortable stay, including clothing suitable for the weather, any necessary medications and travel documents. Consider any specific items needed for your chosen activities.
  • Getting back safely after celebrations: Plan for getting back to your accommodation safely after the New Year's Eve night away celebrations. Arrange transportation in advance or be aware of alternative options.

  1. Post-New Year's Day plans
  • Local attractions and activities: Extend your getaway by exploring local attractions and activities. Whether it's museums, nature trails or historic sites, make the most of your destination.
  • Take advantage of New Year's Day sales: Check for New Year's Day sales or special events in the area. This could be an opportunity to shop for souvenirs or take part in local traditions.

Whatever your plans may be for a New Years Eve night away, the important thing is choosing to spend it with the people that matter most in your life. Whether you opt for a cosy cottage evening or a big city celebration, the real magic of NYE lies in shared moments.

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