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After a big grocery shopping session comes the real work - everything has to be neatly stowed away. It's easy with food, that goes in the freezer or refrigerator. But with some products you can also do a lot of things wrong. That's why today we're giving you 5 tips and 5 of our favourite products for storing certain foods properly.
For this blog we bought the following groceries: Bread, muesli, onions, bananas, vinegar and oil. Let's start with the healthy part of the shopping: Fruit. Bananas are stored best when hung up. It is also important that they do not have direct contact with fruits such as apples. Here we have a fruit bowl with a hanging function. This avoids pressure marks on the bananas. It is better not to place ripe bananas next to other fruit, because they give off a lot of the natural ripening gas ethylene. This causes other fruit to spoil. Let's move on to vegetables: onions must be stored in the dark. After an onion has been peeled or even halved, it can be perfectly stored in a tin. This also ensures that the whole fridge doesn't smell like onions. We have real onion tins that fit perfectly in terms of size!
We have already written a blog post about food moths. It is also recommended that muesli is not stored openly in cupboards. Therefore, there are cool muesli dispensers that also have the perfect portioning function. Our purchase also included vinegar and oil. Of course, you can leave the liquids in the respective bottles. However, dispensers for vinegar and oil are recommended to use it in the optimal amount. These dispensers can be especially helpful when preparing salads. Lastly, we bought bread here. There are many ways to store bread. However, it is advisable not to store it in the refrigerator, as it quickly loses its flavour there. It is important that the temperature remains stable. This can be guaranteed with bread boxes. A room temperature of 18 to 22 degrees is ideal. The bread should be stored so that the air can circulate, so it is best to store it in a breathable bread box. If the air is stagnant, mould can form more quickly due to the moisture released by the bread. Of course, it’s better to avoid this.

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