Rodent pets

Rodent pets

Everything you need for your rodent pets


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After dogs and cats, rodents are the most popular pets. Rodents include everything from hamsters and mice to guinea pigs. Rodents need less space and usually only occupy a fenced-in area in the form of a cage within your four walls. Nevertheless, these animals also need the right equipment, suitable accessories and of course a large serving of love. Let us show you how you can make the little ones feel comfortable in your home and introduce you to some cool accessories that not everyone knows about.

Everything for hamsters, gerbils and more.

Do you already have a hamster or perhaps gerbils? Or are you planning on getting one of those little guys any time soon? Then we definitely have the right equipment for you here. To make sure that your pets have fun, we have lots of clever play and climbing gadgets for the little ones. Hamsters, for example, tend to have a particularly strong desire to move. Whether it's a hamster house or a hamster ball - with this toy they can really let off some steam. But also, for some peace and quiet and a relaxing retreat, you will find beautiful cage accessories made of pure natural material for your hamster or mouse. Whether it's a grass ball, a hamster den or a hay tunnel - you can be sure of making your pet's dreams come true.

Find the perfect rodent accessories:

How to make rabbits and guinea pigs happy

Rabbits, guinea pigs and bunnies are the perfect pets. Unlike hamsters, they are active during the day. That is why they are also particularly suitable for children. They can be cuddled and played with carefully and respectfully. In order for your animals to feel really comfortable, there are of course a few things to keep in mind: At best, each rabbit should have about 2 square metres of space. So you can't go wrong with our rabbit coops with outdoor enclosures. Or you could build a large free-range enclosure. Here your animals can really run around and get exactly the space they need. In addition, you can set up the enclosure flexibly depending on the space and environment and rearrange it at any time. For even more feel-good moments, there are of course also natural toys for rabbits and guinea pigs for variety and fun.

Accessories for guinea pigs, rabbits and the like.

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