Fireside evening

Fireside evening

Fireside Serenity: Exploring the World of Fireplaces and Exquisite Accessories


Following the motto: There's no place like home - Adriana pays a lot of attention to her décor and wants to feel most comfortable within her own home. She is always open to new trends and gets plenty of inspiration from social media. She describes herself above all as organised and style-conscious.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned fireplace aficionado or are a first-time owner, our mission is to enhance your fireside experience through a thoughtfully curated collection of stylish and functional fireplace accessories. From ingenious log storage solutions to exquisitely designed fire pokers that add an unmistakable touch of elegance to your hearth, we have all your needs covered. With our expert tips and tricks for organizing your fireplace, you can effortlessly create a warm and inviting ambiance in your home this winter.

  1. Log storage solutions
Log storage is essential for at-home fireplaces as it ensures a steady and convenient supply of firewood, allowing for easy access when needed. Moreover, proper log storage helps maintain a tidy and organised hearth area, contributing to a safe fireside experience. Here are a few great ways to store logs:
  • Log baskets:Woven or metal baskets designed specifically for holding firewood.
  • Firewood brackets:Metal brackets that attach to a wall or fence, providing a DIY solution for stacking firewood vertically and keeping it organised
  • Log racks:Sturdy and durable racks, made from metal or wood, providing a designated space for neatly keeping firewood off the ground.

  1. The art of firebuilding
Building a roaring fire is an essential skill for every fireplace owner. It involves a thoughtful and strategic approach to arranging the firewood, creating optimal airflow, and carefully selecting suitable fire starters – here are some of our favourite:
  • Firewood kindling:Pre-cut small pieces of dry wood that easily catch fire and help ignite larger logs.
  • Flame-resistant gloves:Heat resistant gloves that provide protection while handling hot logs and maintaining the fire.
  • Fireplace tools set:Includes essential tools such as a poker, tongs, shovel and brush, which help to arrange and maintain firewood.
  1. Choosing the perfect fireplace screen: Safety meets style
Staying safe when having fires at home is of utmost importance to protect your household. By prioritising safety, you can fully enjoy the warmth and ambience of your fireplace with peace of mind. Fireplace screens are a great tool for keeping an eye on your fireplace and staying safe. Here are two great options:
  • Spark guard fireplace screen:Designed to provide maximum protection from sparks and embers, these screens usually have a fine mesh or metal grid.
  • Glass fireplace screens:Made of tempered or stained glass, these screens offer an obstructed view of the fire whilst still providing protection.

  1. A cosy night in: Hosting a memorable fireside gathering
Now that your fireplace is built, your logs are securely stored and your safety measures are in place, its time to host a fireside evening with family and friends! Arrange comfortable seating around the fire and offer a selection of warm drinks and seasonal snacks to guests to complete the perfect fireside experience.

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