How to create an urban jungle indoors

5 practical tips for your urban jungle


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There are many buzzwords surrounding the theme of urban gardening. Green living, urban jungles and indoor planting are all among the current trends. Tasteful decoration and interior design with plants is in style and can be integrated into any home or apartment. When it comes to plant design at home, there are always new ways to do it and there are no limits to your creativity. In addition, plants are also good for our wellbeing and health. They provide our homes with oxygen, have a calming effect and encourage our concentration and productivity. Plants don’t just look good, they also do us good. This is why I’ve put together 5 helpful tips you can use to make your plants shine and look after them with care!

How to garden in your home

Plant stands for your collection: Have you accumulated a large collection of plants but are starting to run out of space on shelves, dressers and windowsills? Then here’s the ultimate tip! A plant stand won’t just help you create much needed space for your favourite plants, it also acts as an eye-catching piece for your home. Discover elegant plant stands that shine with gold tones, rustic styles or sleek white models. The step shape means that each plant has enough space and they won’t steal light from other plants by throwing shadows over them. You can use plants stands not just as a place to keep your plants, but also as a way to keep all your sun loving plants together in front of a window.
Light, shade, oxygen: And with that we’ll jump to the next tip. Plants can sometimes be demanding. Sun worshippers such as birds of paradise, aloe vera or succulents cannot get enough light, while nightshade plants do not tolerate it well at all. You sometimes need a lot of time and feeling to work out how much light your plants need and how the sun comes into your house so that you can find the best place for your plants in your home. A plant caddy allows you to move large plants to various places easily. By the way, did you know that plants improve the climate in you room by adding moisture to the air, producing fresh air and filtering toxins? This is a further reason it’s worth adding plants to another room to reap the benefits.
Water correctly: Speaking of being demanding. When looking after plants you don’t just need to be aware of light and shade, but also need to consider the right amount of water. Since each plants needs different amounts of water it can be easy to get confused. Watering globes are my top tip so that you won't be shocked to discover that you've forgotten your greenery again weeks later. You can use them to provide your potted plants with water for up to two weeks. Just fill with water, stick the watering globe into the soil in the pot and your plants will get the right dose of water. This is perfect for when you want to go on holiday without having to ask friends to take care of your plants for you. Plants that prefer getting water through their leaves or small seeds that you are germinating in your home can be water wonderfully with a spray bottle. Just spray a fine mist of water where it is needed and no-one will be thirsty anymore!
Still no green thumb?: Do you still find it difficult to keep plants alive or do you find it annoying constantly having to switch out cut flowers from their vase? How about some dried flowers? This way, you don’t have to give up having flowers in your home and you can create a long-lasting floral conversation piece. A colourful selection in a decorative vase is the perfect home accessory that is guaranteed to have a long life!
Plants to level up your interior: Natural materials are among the top home design trends in 2022. They are so popular because they lend any home a cosy, charismatic and sustainable touch. This is why plants are a total must-have in the interior design world. With this trend you bring a piece of nature into your home that can even bring styles like minimalism to life and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Plants are great decoration for Scandinavian, industrial or boho interiors.

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