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Spring cleaning is in full swing. We’re clearing out, dusting, mopping and doing everything necessary to prepare ourselves and our homes for the new year. The warmer days are on the way and we’re finally waking up from the winter season. But if you want a tidy home, you can’t just clean it once a year. if you want to feel good and don’t want to worry about guests arriving unannounced, then you need a good routine and a few clever tricks. I’ve done the research for you and have discovered 5 practical tips to help you around the home. In addition, you’ll find a Relaxdays product to go with each tip. Make your household chores a little bit easier and discover a few things that you never knew you needed!

5 useful household tips and gadgets

  • Saving space is half the battle: All those who live in urban spaces know exactly what I am talking about when I say that saving space is so important. We often live in apartments that are far too small with rents that are far too high, but our heart belongs to the city we live in. But even the smallest flat offers unimagined possibilities thanks to doors and niches. Don't just use door clothes racks as additional storage space; you should also try out a door shoe rack. You can use it to store up to 12 pairs of shoes on your door, so nothing is left lying around on the floor. Small trolleys for those awkward niches are also an insider's tip if you don't have the largest rooms available. They are perfect for hygiene and cleaning items in the bathroom or for spices and dried goods in the kitchen. You’ll hardly notice these gadgets around the home, but they ensure everything is tidy. Especially in small flats, space savers can become real lifesavers!
  • Wash up thoroughly: Of course, you already know what a drying rack is. They allow you to wash up properly and line up all the dishes neatly to let them dry in peace. While the classic models are well known, we even have draining racks made of bamboo in our range, as well as many that also have a cutlery basket. This way, knives, forks and co. can also be dried properly. Furthermore, bamboo drying racks also look good. It may seem simple to you but draining racks can be important accessories in the kitchen, especially if you don't have a dishwasher and only have a small area available. Discover our highly decorative models with a black metal look as well as miracle space-saving models with two or more shelves. In addition to cutlery holders, some of our draining racks also have extra space on the sides for cups or glasses and many models also include a drip tray.
  • Small helpers for a big payoff: Tall wardrobes with things stored on top or high-up cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom that need dusting can be challenging. If you're particularly short yourself, it's easy to feel a bit helpless when it comes to doing the housework. But even taller people can reach their limits with high ceilings if changing curtains or painting the walls is on the agenda. That’s when a folding step stool comes into play. Available in various sizes, this little everyday helper can be adapted to suit your needs. The step stool can easily be folded up to be stored in a corner or niche when not in use. If you live in an old house with tall ceilings, then you definitely can’t do without a step stool. However, there are other uses for stools besides just cleaning and tidying up: small children can use them to reach the sink when brushing their teeth or when they want to help out in the kitchen. Use it as a quick perch to put on your shoes or take it with you as a space-saving seat on your next outdoor trip or camping holiday!
  • Laundry miracles: We’ve already talked about saving space. Drying laundry can also be difficult in many apartments or flat-share rooms where every free space is precious. Laundry racks can take up a lot of space that isn’t so easy to free up. Clotheslines and dryers that can be attached to the wall are a total life hack. But compact clothes racks, on which you can hang clothes one on top of the other, can also nestle into the tightest corners. You’ll be amazed at how many types of drying racks there are to suit you and your needs!
  • Time management: My fifth and final tip is particularly important if you are planning a big clear out or extensive spring cleaning. The urge to clear out the entire wardrobe to reorganise everything or clear all the cupboards to wipe down every surface can quickly takeover. But you shouldn’t forget to plan enough time to do so. It often takes more time than you originally thought and then you’re left standing in absolute chaos in the evening. If you ever want to spruce up your flat, don't make any other plans for that day!

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