Sport at work

Sport at work

Stay fit at work


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No time for sport? You can't combine your working hours with exercising? We have a solution for you! In our product range, you will find sport equipment that is perfect for everyday office life. Whether on your lunch break or while working, you can easily stay fit throughout the day with different exercises. All products, tips and our top-5 recommendations can be found here!

Fitness Equipment for your office:

Our Top-5 Products to stay fit at work

We now present our top 5 products for working out in the office. First of all, we recommend replacing your office chair with a gymnastic ball. This way you can train yourself to sit upright. Whether you also want to do other exercises with the ball is, of course, up to you. Secondly, there is the mini exercise bike, which allows you to cycle at your desk. There are also so-called arm and leg trainers - with these, you can burn a few calories and strengthen your limbs. Working at the computer is also hard on the hands and fingers. To train them, we use our finger trainers or hand trainers. We also recommend a set of fitness bands. The bands have different strengths and can be attached to doors or desks. They can be used to strengthen biceps and triceps individually. Last, but not least product we have a cool standing punching bag. It can be used, to release some built-up pressure or to compete with colleagues. Of course, you can also cycle to work or take the stairs instead of using the elevator in your building. But if you like to get more variety of exercise right at the workplace, you're sure to find something suitable in this selection. Have fun exercising in the office!
- Edited and translated by Tatiana Chernyshova

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